With the AlbacMat being used in many different scenarios, there are a myriad of comments that could be included here. At each presentation, there is nearly always someone who has another idea of where the AlbacMat could be useful. These ideas are as remotely different from moving bogged dairy cows to carrying a person from an isolated cliff hike, with all manner of uses in between!

In recent years, the funeral / mortuary industry has received the AlbacMat as a very useful item. Craig Bottrill from Tri-Transers in South Australia recently sent me this note:

Removal of a deceased from a car previously required getting into awkward if not impossible positions. In terms of OHS and reaching around trying to manoeuvre around the pedals and the steering wheel as well as trying to find areas that could be used to pull on to remove the deceased was a nightmare. We were recently presented with this scenario however with the albacmat we were able to slide it in behind the deceased. All the grab handles were there, in the right places, to easily manoeuvre the deceased from the vehicle without any OHWS issues. Quite literally once the mat was in place no extremities got in the way or got hooked. The top handles meant one person was able to easily work from the rear passenger side without straining the back. The mat performed amazingly. Thank you.

And from the US, we recently received this endorsement:

I went to a fire safety seminar for people with developmental disabilities.  We were asked how would we get our individuals out of their homes if their ambulation was greatly impaired.  The instructor stated that dragging them out on a blanket might work, but what about possible injuries if you had to go down steps.  He had no answer.  I was horrified.  I immediately got on the internet.  I read about the Albac Mat.  Wow!  There was something that we could purchase to get people who might otherwise have to wait for 911 to locate them in a smoked filled home.  One or two staff could very quickly get a person out of the house using the Albac mat.  My company purchased twelve!  We trained staff using the DVD provided and they loved it too.  As an agency, we feel that we are now better able to serve the individuals that we serve if there is an emergency evacuation situation at one of our residential homes.
Sharon Y., Director of Training



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