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AlbacMat in the Press

The AlbacMat has been featured in many local and international media sources. You may view articles directly fromt he media source outlet as listed below:

Allison and the AlbacMat were very fortunate to be included in the new series of the The New Inventors program which re-started in March 2004. The program was a great experience for Allison, having new been exposed to TV/filming before and the AlbacMat was well received by viewers. It was very heartening for Allison to receive emails for the following days and weeks after the program aired with well wishers and also ideas from people for the product. The filming of this program was very difficult at the time with the recent passing of Allison's grandfather only days before filming at his nursing home. "Pa was so proud of what I was trying to do with setting up the product, I know he made sure the filming went without a hitch" Allison said at the end of the difficult day.  The other 'contestants' were so supportive of each other and we all enjoyed hearing each others stories on how their products came about.

Due to the success of the AlbacMat with viewers, the AlbacMat was selected for the "where are they now" follow up by The New Inventors in 2007. Again, the viewer support and product awareness was greatly received.

The Ballarat Courier has reported on the 'local' success of the AlbacMat over the past ten years, following Allison's progress locally and internationally and reporting on her business success at the local export awards nights.

Reader's Digest was another media source that Allison was thrilled to be involved in, with their article from 2005 still being seen by people today! Thank you to the subscribers who pass on their editions!

More recently, with the expansion of the AlbacMat into USA and Canada, there have been articles reported in the newswpapers - Toronto daily and Newsday and also a report published with


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