AlbacMat Sizes

There are 2 sizes of the AlbacMat: Both sizes have the same weight carrying capapcity of 470kg.


AlbacMat Rescue Mat


AlbacMat Large (formerly known as AlbacMat with thermal cover)

The AlbacMat Rescue Mat is the standard size that has now been updated to be suitable for peadiatric use as well. This design has 3 straps to secure the patient, which can be alternated to ensure a secure fit across the patient. For peadiatric use, the top strap can be used by the rescuer as the moving strap to ensure full control of the head and torso of the smaller patient, and ensures correct posture is still maintained by the rescuer. This design now also has carry handles along each side and a thermal cover to protect the patient if required. 


The AlbacMat Rescue Mat is primarily used in Nursing Home and Aged Care residences, as well as peadiatric wards and disability services that work closely with children.


The AlbacMat Large has all the features of the AlbacMat Rescue Mat in a large size to accomodate for larger patients (100kg+). The AlbacMat Large offers greater versatility in accomodating all types of patients and is recommended for hospitals or general public use when the patients are not known. For this reason, the AlbacMat Large is used in the majority of places..hospitals, Emergency services and Mortuary transfer, Cruise ships are all users of the AlbacMat large. 

For further information on which size will best suit your requirements, please call your nearest distributor from the "Available from" page above. 

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