There are 4 sizes of the AlbacMat – Standard and Large with Pediatric and Bariatric available for custom orders. All sizes are manufactured to strict quality control with weight capacity to 470kg. 

All AlbacMat’s carry the same features of:

3 patient securing straps for flexibility across patient (including small, amputees or disabled)
3 transit strap for safely moving the patient by the rescuer at the head end. 
1 transit strap for moving patient from the feet end when required
6 carry handles to enable the carrying of patient in a stretcher – spine board can be inserted
Thermal cover - for warmth and protection and can also help calm a panicky patient.
Polypropylene board as the base for patient comfort, heat protection and slide-ability.

What size is best?

AlbacMat – Standard size: The standard size is the first size developed for the Aged Care and Nursing Home market. This size is also suitable for adolescent children, either for home or school care.

AlbacMat – Large size: Accomodates larger patients – 100kg +. The AlbacMat Large offers greater versatility in accommodating all types of patients and is recommended for Hospitals and Emergency Services where the patient may not be known. Mining, Manufacturing, Cruise ships, Aeroplanes, Mortuary Transfers, Hotels among other ‘general public’ markets have all installed the AlbacMat large for use in the event of an emergency.

AlbacMat Pediatric/Peadiatric: Custom made based on the standard size, with additional patient strapping. This enables the rescuer to use the chest securing strap (for an adult) as the transit strap to maintain full control of the smaller patient whilst ensuring correct posture for the rescuer.

AlbacMat Bariatric: Custom made with a wider polypropylene board. Due to the width, it is imperative that the facilities have bariatric specific facilities. This size is not as flexible in hallways or doorways and is carefully discussed prior to purchase.